Vacuumized Travel Flask

A vacuumized travel flask is an important utility item in the household list. You can use it for small and long travels and also for emergency outings. This flask helps you retain water and beverages at their respective temperatures for a longer duration. Thus you can have your tea or milk as hot as you had poured it in the flask.


These flasks occur in varying capacity from 200 ml and above. You can have smaller ones for personal use too. When you buy this flask, you need to look into certain things. The insulation and interior lining needs to be understood and it should be functioning properly. The lid should provide safe and complete covering to avoid spillage and loss of heat. Straps if present should be adjustable. The duration of temperature retention needs to be around 10 hours so that you can cover the travel time.


A travel flask is also a good gift idea as a professional and a personal gift. We are vacuumized travel flask wholesale dealers in Mumbai and travel flask importers and supplier in India