Steel Sipper Bottles

Steel sipper bottles are quite popular among the youngsters and even among the working class. Being made up of steel, they are durable, rust and stain free and last longer with no health hassles. They come in various sizes, with a variety of sippers and in attractive shapes and designs. You have a lot of scope in color and prints too. We are steel sipper bottles suppliers in Mumbai.
Steel sippers have a variety of lids, sipper types and accessories like chains, covers, straps and belts too. They can be carried to the office, gym, picnics and for drives as well. Most of the designs are unisex and hence can be conveniently used by all the family members. Some steep sipper bottles are exclusively designed for sports persons while some have distinct feminine designs and colors.


We supply wholesale steel sipper bottles in India and are steel sipper bottles manufacturers in India.