Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask Slim

Vacuum flasks are great items to be used daily and for outings. You can carry the slim varieties easily in your bags too. Thus if you need to carry your special tea or coffee to office or you need to carry the baby’s milk when you are out for a day, these flasks come to your rescue. They have a stainless steel body and the vacuum provides insulation mechanism that keeps the temperature of the beverage intact. We are slim stainless steel vacuum flask wholesaler in Mumbai.


These flasks occur in numerous designs and shapes. They have lids with cups that facilitate pouring and drinking of the beverages. You can buy them at affordable prices and they can be long lasting if used systematically. You can gift these flasks as personal or promotional gifts. You need to check the warranty of the product and ensure that the insulation is working perfectly.


We are slim stainless steel flask wholesale suppliers in India.