Insulated Sipper Bottles

Insulated sipper bottles now occur in numerous varieties, both that can retain the hot and cold temperature of water and other fluids. Sipper bottles occur in metal and plastics. They are available in sizes and designs that can be used by various age groups. There are insulated sipper bottles for kids that have pretty designs of their favorite cartoons and cars. The elders can buy sippers that have elegant designs that can be used in the office, gym, or on trips. We provide insulated sipper bottles in India.
Insulated sippers have double layered structure that provides the insulation and maintains the temperature of fluids. These bottles are also ideal for moms to carry juices for the kids. The insulated bottles occur with key hooks, cup covers and other lid types. If you are a person who prefers cold water, there are sipper bottles with ice tubes. These can be chilled and inserted in the bottle to keep the water cold. We deal in high quality sipper bottles in bulk in India.
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