Custom Made Sipper Bottles for Gifting and Promotions

There are endless varieties of sipper bottles in the market. However, you may feel the need for custom made sipper bottles for gifting and promotions as per your requirement. This is useful if you wish to gift them to your clients and customers as a promotional or a general gift.


Depending on the type of event and your audience, you can decide the quantity and the budget. Decide if you need a plastic or metal material. You can then place the order by selecting the appropriate design and shape. You can print the design and your brand information on the bottle and the cap as well. We are personalized sipper bottle at wholesale prices.


In case of customized bottles, you have the flexibility to select the type of lid, sipper, cork and the overall design and shape of the bottle. You can place order in bulk quantity to avail more reasonable prices.
We supply customized sipper bottles in Mumbai. We are sipper bottle manufacturers in Mumbai.